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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: OLD ALLIES   Thu 11 Mar 2010, 3:32 am

If what you want is to affiliate with us, then follow the instructions in this thread.

What this area is about
This area idea is simple, whether I request or accept a request to become affiliates,
I will try to post here the button code as well as post some info about the site at hand.
You can also add testimonials if you have been a member there.

I will do my best to keep our list attractive for our members and small.

At the portal you will see all affiliates, including Spanish speaking sites, If you want to see the English speaking sites, just jump back out of the section to read the description, that's where the buttons are located.

Keep your messages on topic. The focus is in the site at hand.

Consider this a small directory of our friendly neighbors, that will grow up as time passes.
As for this thread, consider it a mini museum of those that are gone.

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PostSubject: OLD ALLIES   Fri 21 May 2010, 10:50 pm

Our History?
The forum Advertise Hotspot was created on December 2009. It was only officially used on January 15 2010. Believe it or not, we only used it after about 1 month! The name "Advertise"represents advertising forums, websites, etc. And the "Hotspot" represents that we hot! A place that everyone should visit!

Why Us?

"A promise is a cloud. Fulfillment is the rain." At Advertise Hotspot, your dreams will be fulfilled! We dont just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. We are who we are. We will promise the best and only that. If something is not up to your standard, dont just sit there! Let the admins know! We will try out very best to make our forum a friendly one, making your stay at Advertise Hotspot unforgettable!

What Do We Offer

We offer almost anything! If we dont, do suggest it so we'll meet your needs! You can advertise anything at Advertise Hotspotas long as it does'nt break Forumotion's TOS and our forum rules too.Anything from forums, websites, blogs and even your social networkingsites! You can also request for our 8 awesome services! Not enough? We provide forum support too! So the question is what dont we offer?

Its time you join ! See you there!
950+ members, 80,500+ posts, over 6 services

Advertise Hotspot taken down from our affiliates.
Forum url no longer working. before that they stopped doing affiliates once they changed url.

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Topic and replies winner of the Zelda Theme

PostSubject: Re: OLD ALLIES   Mon 24 May 2010, 2:53 am

I'll get on it =)))

Already done =))))

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: OLD ALLIES   Fri 10 Sep 2010, 8:37 am


I started the request.

<a href="http://ihost4you.com/"><img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" /></a>

What is the place about?
Quote :
IHost4You.com is a web space hosting company that offers free vistaPanel hosting . Live support online 12/7 so you can find always fast help we have a support forum where you can ask any question related to Ihost4You and its hosting. Our experience in forum and website making is good enough to start off your bussiness or personal site. With our 6 year of website making experience we found out the best way's to help our users get started or advance in their bussiness.
... visit their place if you want to know the rest of the details.

I hope it is useful your you guys to have access to the place in one click.
I am making a package from AH, so I can tell you their community is active and have knowledge and kindness to help you out to start your own place.

Taken Down
It seems that the whole iHost4u place got a revamp,
the forums were resettled and I couldn't find our banner anymore
down while I contact or learn more information about it...

The website is now down.

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Half Blood RPG   Sun 10 Oct 2010, 6:29 am

REQUESTED by Marvin.

<a href="http://halfbloodrpg.darkbb.com"><img src=http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif></img></a>

This is a text based role-play that focuses the world of Percy Jackson and greek mythology. Here you can create a character, based on the species of your choice. Join a cabin and interact with other users' characters. Meet. Defeat. or just talk. Its your choice. The limit is based on your imagination.

Taken down from our affiliation list
They've moved urls deserting community.
I couldn't find their new lairs and ask again so we could renew our affiliation

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Glad to be here!

PostSubject: General Chat   Mon 11 Oct 2010, 12:28 am

Hey Kaynil,

I added your logo in our Affiliates corner: http://generalchat.forumotion.com

Forum Name: General Chat
Forum URL: http://generalchat.forumotion.com
Language: English
Description: General Discussion Community for All

<a href="http://generalchat.forumotion.com"title ="title"><img src="http://i30.servimg.com/u/f30/15/20/42/31/affili10.gif"border = none</a>

Thanks and I'm looking forward to be affiliates :D

Taken down
Over a year of inactivity. :(

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The Wind... It's blowing...

PostSubject: Nintendopolis   Sun 17 Oct 2010, 4:20 pm

Forum Name: Nintendopolis
Forum URL: http://www.nintendopolis.org
Language: Englishness
Description: Nintendo gaming forum

<a href="http://nintendopolis.org/"title ="title"><img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"border = none</a>

Nintendopolis Taken down from our affiliates.
Forum url no longer working.
It went on hiatus for months before that.

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Topic and replies winner of the Zelda Theme

PostSubject: Re: OLD ALLIES   Wed 15 Dec 2010, 1:50 am

I'm guessing you were going to move the board over there, huh?

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Re: OLD ALLIES   Thu 16 Dec 2010, 6:36 am

Ayumi wrote:
I'm guessing you were going to move the board over there , huh?

Yeah, I was highly considering iHost4u, after all I already post on other communities, might as well make it my way to pay the domain, by making posts in their community but I think it is too risky if I get sick, cut from internet access, virus or anything else taht gets in the way. I thinK i rather pay for a year and forget about it till next year. Some plan like that.

I want to buy us a domain when I get some income. I even would like to get IPB license. X3
But that is at least a year away.

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Bi bella is not more   Thu 07 Apr 2011, 2:10 am

Bi bella is one of our allies, I requested their affiliation because I thought it would be good to have an outlet into a veriety of things, since we are a general community. Their staff always seemed friendly and respectful.

During my last patrol on active communities, I discovered that going to the address of the BiBella community shows a Proboards announcement that says:
Proboards wrote:
Account Suspended
In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline.


Since that explains little. I browsed through their ToS to see what the 25(a) states. Here it is:
Proboard's ToS - http://www.proboards.com/tos
a) By ProBoards


That is just as ambiguous. So they could be clossed for no reason at all. Since they chosen that clausule and not another it puzzles greatly, for the pacific, trusting nature that IMHO characterised said forums. It fills me with sadness.

There is though, a more positive explanation, and that is that the boards moved a few months ago to a different host, thus proboards closed down since it wasn't being used. This is, of course, mere speculation. I don't know what happened to them. I would like to know.

The truth is taht my first reaction was anger against proboards, because it sounded to me like they just destroyed a beautiful and alive community for no reason... but then i realised I haven't been around the netz for a while, so I can't really know for sure what is going on with them.

So if any of you have any information regarding this, I'd like to listen to it. If it is something that is not supposed to be said openly you are free to PM me or use the contact form... If BiBella is still around with this or another name, it would please to re-arrange an affiliation.

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Affiliation Update   Thu 07 Apr 2011, 8:33 pm

I'm prunning the inactive forums from our affiliate list. Seems that during this past three months a lot has been going on with our allies. I feel bad I couldn't be around to learn more details with them all.

Drawing Board - Deserted. We still up there, but broken images suggest no return.
BiBella - No working url. Surprised to learn. Down for now.
Irrelar - No working url. It was inactive for a good while.
Ihost4u - No working url. There was already a reset. Probably project dead altogether.
World Chillout - Deserted. Our button taken down. No reason to keep theirs.
Zelda Legion - Deserted. They live happily now within the ZeldaDungeon community.
Zelda Refuge - No working url. Admin took place down. I was advised.
Zelda Gamers - No working url. Too bad. I really liked this forum.
From The Heart - Deserted. I liked this site, it lasted very little. It has one of my original writtings. I feel I'd be unfair if I took them down, since we are their only affiliates and technically we're still there... but it has been a year now, and probably even the author has moved on since. (>.<)
David Carroll Music - Deleted account. Someone else got it. Therefore the music advertised is not Dumpy's anymore. No reason to keep the button up. XD


Miss Forum - Took out our text or changed position. They used to have their affiliate in text in form of a pop up, now instead, I see buttons scroll at the bottom. They are a bit overprotective, so it may be the case they nowadays only affiliate with sites from their own members. I made a thread asking as a guest. i hope I can give you guys something conclusive in the next days.
Resolution: Mistake on my part. I'm using an outdated browser. Everything has been fine from begining.

Silence Speak Volume - Manteniance mode. Since its admin has been fairly active before, I'll concede benefit of doubt for some more weeks...
Still open and we still there, so for the time being they stay

Desert Lullaby - Changed url. I added them originally when the allies where only viewable by members. Thus, to respect their right to privacy, I need to reaffirm their permission before updating the url. I usually go with "contact me if it bothers you police", but DL have friends and I am a member there; so I think, since I can, it is best I ask first.

Advertise Hotspot - Changed url. I need to see if we-re still allies at their new domain.

Half Blood RPG - Deserted? Except someone posted within the RPG a few days ago. I like the RPG idea and I hope the place is actually is still going, even if slowly. Staff has been friendly to me and admin once was part of our forums, so from pal to pal, I hope to hear from them soon.
Off the list. Forum moved somewhere else, I couldn't follow to rejoin and ask for a renovation of affiliates

Nintendopolis - Manteinance mode. Either they found many troubles restoring that database they speak of, or they gave up on the forum! Due the admin being a member, I will try to contact him to learn more.
Taken down, website unavailable.

Chataddicts - Manteinance mode. Promising to be back...
They are back! (Time to renovate affiliations)

The inactive has been prunned right away. The renegotiating... well, I'll do my best to have a resolution within the month.

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Re: OLD ALLIES   Sat 10 Aug 2013, 9:32 pm

Miss Forum - The forum is an archive now.
Silence Speak Volume - Gone.
Desert Lullaby - I got the feeling they didn't want unnecessary exposure now so i didn't bring them back.
Advertise Hotspot - Plummeted down, besides they got rid of the affiliation area anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: OLD ALLIES   

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