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PostSubject: ADVERTISING GUIDELINES « « «   Tue 26 Apr 2011, 6:24 pm

Staff may and will modify your post at their discretion. ROCZUZ is not related to the websites here published and cannot be held responsible for the consequences clicking any of the advertised links. We'll do our best to keep things clean and appropriate, but we're only human. use report button if you see something wrong with any thread here. You accept to use the service at your own discretion.


  • You are required to have an account that has at least 5 posts to be able to create a thread in this zone.
    Registering solely to advertise is fruitless
    1. Your account will be deleted for sure. So you will lose your name and become 'guest'.
    2. If you post your advert outside this zone it will get deleted as well.

  • Do not posts multiple threads about the same main address, even if there are different features.
    For example: forum.url.com y url.com must be in the same thread

  • Do not mask URLs.
    (name redirectors are fine, but no tinyurl and similar ones that describe nothing with the link)

  • Don't post porn and illegal things that violate our ToS here..

  • You  may bump your thread as often as you see fit only if you add something interesting about your place: Update, request, etc... several unnecessary copy pasta or spam bumping will be deleted.

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