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 Another Plan against Sony Network Planned!!

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PostSubject: Another Plan against Sony Network Planned!!   Thu 05 May 2011, 8:11 pm

It appears that it would be the third attack Sony has received this year.
This is scary for anyone with an account for they Sony/PlayStation Network.

http://news.cnet.com/8301-31021_3-20060227-260.html#ixzz1LWuaNo00 - CNET News wrote:
A group of hackers says it is planning another wave of cyberattacks against Sony in retaliation for its handling of the PlayStation Network breach. (...) The people involved plan to publicize all or some of the information they are able to copy from Sony's servers, which could include customer names, credit card numbers, and addresses, according to the source. The hackers claim they currently have access to some of Sony's servers.

George Hotz, involved in a case some months ago for console-hacking denies to be involved. According to the wikipedia he explains not to be okay with stealing database on someone else's server while marking it different to what he's known for doing in iPhones.

As we know, there is no clear suspect about the author(s) of the past April network invasive action. Even though Sony has reasons to believe Anonymous could be involved, as they found a implanted file mentioning the well known "we are legion". However they sent a statement on May 4 to deny its involvement, according to CNET News.

Some compilation of what has being going with Sony during the year:

Anyway back to the present, all I know is that this is getting uglier and uglier. >.>
seems like all we can do is to watch.

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Another Plan against Sony Network Planned!!

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