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 Your generation

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'maƱana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Your generation   Fri 12 Aug 2011, 11:54 pm

Whether you still like them or not, we all grow from childhood in a certain decade that defines our trends and bands. I would like us to share what kind of music did you use to listen to and what 'bands' you think marked your generation.

For me, I was a pop person at my secondary, due to the radio being a big influence. I used to listen to Savage Garden, NSync, Back Street Boys, Shakira and other bands I can't recall their names (I didn't know the name of many of them). Y also listened to some music in Spanish, given the fact it was the language I grew with.

At High school, I switched more to the rock side, listening to System of a Down, Rammstein, Linkin Park, Trapt, Molotov...

Now that I look at it, it was kind of a drastic change, though today I can enjoy both genres, as well as get involved with other decades music like the 80's, 70's and 60's. Though most of them been with me thanks to my father influence and likes, I tried to focus on the names from my generation.

As for which ones I think marked my generation, most of the names in my tongue are from mexico, so let's keep just with the ones I already mentioned. XD

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Your generation

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