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  Professor Layton games

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PostSubject: Professor Layton games   Fri 12 Aug 2011, 11:56 pm

It is an interesting franchise. I was wondering in any of you is familiar with it. I like solving puzzles, it makes me feel superior smart when I manage to solve them, specially if they make me write down and takes me effort and time (maybe I am too slow, hahah). It is some sort of weird satisfaction I probably drag from the old days when I used to like studying.

Anyway, I have beaten Pandora Box, and I am playing Curious Village. I was not expecting the plot to have this much freedom to add imaginary stuff when the professor works hard to find the logic. I am not saying it is bad, it is just unexpected (just like the Mia and sisters relation in AA) but you adapt pretty fast to it.

Speaking of Ace attorney, there is a crossover of PL and AA, but as far as I know it was supposed to be released only in Japan. I do hope we get to see it anyway, since both sagas are now and have several followers around. Ah, I heard that some time ago, so maybe someone else have more info about it.

Back to Professor Layton. have you tried their games?
Do you like this kind of games?

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PostSubject: Re: Professor Layton games   Thu 01 Sep 2011, 6:40 pm

Kaynil wrote:

I used to like studying.

Oh dear God, no!

I like Professor Layton games, I suck badly at them as my coin sized 'brain' attempts to think logically, and have to ask my planet sized brained Wife to solve the puzzles for me before I smash my DS against the wall and light it on fire - to impress other cavewoman of course....

Yeah I like them.

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Professor Layton games

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