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 Top Cat

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PostSubject: Top Cat   Thu 22 Sep 2011, 2:47 pm

So what do you think of this upcoming movie? Seems so-so, to me, but the animation is pretty good OH NOEZ!

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PostSubject: Re: Top Cat   Fri 23 Sep 2011, 3:32 am

Man, you gave me a big scare for a moment, I thought it was another live action, I was about to jump outside the window... then I remembered I live on a second floor and that was not a smart idea.

LOL! How could you stand watching the trailer in Spanish? XD

From what I can see at least they tried to make the voices close to the 'original' spanish dub of the 90's version. I used to like the cartoon a lot, but I don't really got convinced by this trailer it will be something that will preserve the clever moves and humour that many of us grew liking from Top Cat.

I like the character re-designs and the animation, I agree, is very good. I don't like how computer and paper-toon get mixed and I am not even considering to pay to watch in in 3D. I just hope that is not why the computer generated background is there.

I think this movie will be what it seems for you, Brutus, some so-so kind of movie, not awful but no great either. I hope if it make me eat my words is for the better.

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Top Cat

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