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 You Cressel never told us! >:C

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'maƱana' es predecir...

PostSubject: You Cressel never told us! >:C   Fri 17 Feb 2012, 2:25 am

For those who doesn't know Cressel, started and ascended in Pivot animations and well, I had no idea he was still this much popular as to have people making him tributes.

Man, that means your style made legend!
Let's have a look:

And now it is time to show that tribute I found while stalking you.

Now for those asking what is the point of this video. Two things:
1. Cressel is my brother and I like to embarrass him for no reason other than I can boost his Ego, mkay?
2. I want him to share with us more of what he does as I believe it is pretty damn interesting.

Don't you guys agree? (Excited!)

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You Cressel never told us! >:C

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