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 How much money do you put in your website?

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PostSubject: How much money do you put in your website?   Wed 04 Dec 2013, 11:45 am

I think e all have our own vision and expectations with our communities, so it is only normal we take different steps to reach these goals. I don't think money can guarantee a success in your forum or be used to measure how much you care for your community, as different people have different ideas and situations, however I can't deny something seem to make it worth to pay for them and definitely you need a certain amount of commitment to release some money toward your place.

What are your thoughts regarding spending money in the

Do you do all you can without spending money in software, themes or other services?

Do you prefer to spend money in software, plugins, etc to make make it more attractive and/or functional for members and potential new members that happen to visit?

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How much money do you put in your website?

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