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 Phoenix Wright - Investigation Cornered ~ Cadenza

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Decir 'perfecto' es mentir y decir 'mañana' es predecir...

PostSubject: Phoenix Wright - Investigation Cornered ~ Cadenza   Tue 26 Jan 2010, 2:47 pm

Download song here: rapidshare.com PW_Remixes_-_Investigation_-_Cornered.mp3.html

Sometimes I entertain myself just reading other people's comments in youtube....

Phoenix- OBJECTION!!!
Judge- What is the meaning of this Mr.Wright?!?!
Phoenix- Your honor, that man is clearly responsible for murdering the English language!!
Judge- *shakes head* Objection denied. I'm sorry Mr. Wright, but you know the rules. Spelling doesn't count on the internet.

Edgeworth - I happen to agree with the defence, your Honour. I'm going over to the other side of the courtroom now...
Judge - But... but! Uh....
Sal Manella - OMG wat i uNdrstandz him perfektly LOLZ ROFL!

Edgeworth: OBJECTION!!!
That is preposterous your honor, this youtuber clearly has no lack of spelling. youtube even has a spell check feature. I demand you rethink the verdict

Judge: lolwut?

Phoenix : Objection! This comment has no meaning!
Judge : And how is that relevant here?
Phoenix : Well absolutely in no way i just wanted to hear this song.
Judge : Well in that case you get a brand new penalty!
Phoenix : (crap....)

Judge: Well say it then Mr. Justice!  How did the panties get in the exhaust pipe of that car?!

*Slams fists down* She was dead when I got there, I was just... Clogging the leak...

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Phoenix Wright - Investigation Cornered ~ Cadenza

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