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PostSubject: Seafood.   Tue 30 Mar 2010, 3:39 am

First topic message reminder :

I hate it. Why in blue hell and when in blue hell and WHO THE FECKING HELL decided that things from the depths of the oceans would be tasty? Weren't cows good enough? We are essentially land mammals, not sharks.

Why do Japanese love Sushi? Who was the numbnuts who decided it'd be a culinary delight to wrap rice and RAW sea urchin up? Why seaweed? Was bread not available in Japan at one time?

Intelligent head: "Hey, eating raw fish is pretty unexpected, you say you're going to wrap it up? With what, bread?"
Japanese Fish Head: "No, seaweed :)"
Intelligent head: "Haha... no really :D "
*Japanese Fish head shrugs*
Intelligent head: "You're serious? O__O;; "

Advice if you ever cook for me: Don't serve me a whole fish cooked, with head intact and tail intact. I don't usually like looking the animal in the eye as I'm eating it, I find it quite confronting. I never know the right words to say as it's lifeless eyeball stares up at me. "...Hi?" "So... you're a fish huh?"

Do you like seafood? i.e. Are you insane?


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PostSubject: Re: Seafood.   Sun 26 Aug 2012, 8:11 am

Tiggati wrote:
I don't mind sushi, But I don't like the raw fish type :P I eat chicken sushi, so it still got the rice and seaweed plus the sauce you can add to it :P

And to the Lobster/Crayfish talk, I love Crayfish, and I enjoy going out on the water in a boat and catching my own fish to eat, I also do beach fishing to catch and cook fish. It's a good sport and it's nice to eat different types of fish :) (especially fresh)

To the cooking alive the crayfish/lobster. It's no different to killing a fish to fillet them or killing a cow to use their meat. We have to eat some how right? It's no worse than the tigers ripping apart a zebra alive.

All in all, I love sea food, but I get put off with bones. I prefer fillets, it's also fun filleting a fish :)

Everyone to their own.
not my cuppa tea... XD sorry!

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